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The 8 Crucial Steps You Need to Protect Yourself from a Mass Shooting

When you are in a public area, have you ever wondered about what may happen if ever a shooter comes across? I know it isn’t a sight to imagine, but because of what has happened in the recent weeks, it’s made people open their eyes and see the possibility of dangerous acts happening to them and their area as well.

The tragedy in Las Vegas is very unfortunate, and is one of the eye-openers that have people searching up on how to prevent and knowledgeable on what to do if ever it happens. That is why I created this simple and valuable infographic that shows you the eight steps on what to do if you ever encounter a mass shooting.

These are only eight steps, yes, but these crucial steps to follow can save lives and lessen the chances of you coming across the shooter. And while you may think facing a situation is either to run straight to the exit or attack the shooter, that may not be the case for many, especially if exits are barred or can’t be found. These steps tackle all the options you can do if ever that happens, keeping you as safe as possible.

Yes, we can never tell what you will do during a mass shooting. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be knowledgeable about these steps. The infographic will help you move and stay aware amidst the panic and attack that ensues during the shooting. And through just being aware and knowledgeable on what to do, you can save your life and others, too! So do read up on this infographic and share this to your family and friends for their safety. You’ll be thankful that you are now more prepared than you were before reading it.

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